The Barclay Cup

A windy day and not too many people for the TR competition. If the TR shooters don’t turn up for the TR shoots then it is difficult to justify running them. We will make every effort to try to arrange things so they don’t clash with other shoots so what else can we do to encourage TR shooters to support these events in greater numbers?

The results are posted on the relevant page.

4 thoughts on “The Barclay Cup

  1. Huey

    Hey, sorry about not turning up, but my club entered a team for the Leslie Williams for the first time in around 20 years. Timing, huh?! Not forgetting the calendar was rearranged earlier in the year to accommodate the clubhouse build, might have been a factor for others?

    “it really will be a case of use it or loose [sic] it” – Really? So soon?? Is this really the message to be sending out?

    1. Tim Hammond

      I appreciate that we all have other commitments which can prevent us from attending shoots but considering that at least five of those who did not turn up are TR shooting COMMITTEE MEMBERS including you, I think your comments about not running TR shoots due to lack of support are wholly unjustified.

      1. Captain Comms Post author

        It’s a problem for everyone. I had no car or child are but the program should be amended to have TR events at a time when they can be better supported. We are after all a club of nearly 100 members and only 5 turned up to shoot so point taken and I’m glad to generate some interest but support is needed

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