Knight Cup & Gellibrand Shield

A small but perfectly formed gathering on a glorious but breezy day at the range. The weather was hot but the cooling breeze played havoc with some of the scores. Well they did mine at least. We kept all the TR shooters on the same details wherever possible so there were no complaints about muzzle blast etc so hopefully we can persuade some more TR shooters along to the next TR shoot in a months time.

The next shoot is a modern McQueen and we may well have a pairs stage if enough people want to take part. so have a think about that.

I should have taken a photo of the range but I didn’t think about it until most had gone and I was walking back from packing the butts away. But by then the flags were still not like the usual pointing in all directions of earlier in the shoot. There was a deer grazing at 200 yards so at least some of the neighbours didn’t mind the noise.

The results page has been updated.



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