The Kirby Cup

The above competition is this Sunday and we have a couple of notices to inform you about.

Due to the absence of a 600 yard firing point the competition instead of being 2 x 7 at 3/5/6 will be amended to 2 x 10 at 3/5. This will make it easier to run and a better shoot in the circumstances.

On the subject of running it we are very light on committee members available this weekend for a variety of reasons. So our President Graham Arthur has kindly agreed to oversee the event and he will be supported by Malcolm Dalgleish and Greg Box who will cover the Range Officer duties. Tim Hammond will be on hand to sort out Target 4 (battle damage) and ensure the targets don’t play up. We (me especially) are extremely grateful to these members to step up and ensure the shoot could go ahead. Remember the club is run by volunteers not paid officials.

In general we rely on a very small pool of people to run things so going forward we would be grateful for any help we can get. With this in mind I have created a list fo general duties we have to cover in a day and how to set up the range. It may help you understand what needs doing, how it gets done, and perhaps volunteer for some of it from time to time.

Notes on Task Range Operation and Tasks

With regard to the ongoing saga of the George Arnold Pavillion we are currently waiting for a contractor to fit the necessary piles to the build site so we can lay the foundations. They are apparently overloaded with work so we are waiting in a queue. This, I am told, is the reason for the hole in the ground remaining unfilled! We will have to move some of the shoots around for the latter part of the year as a result so we will keep you informed.

Have a good shoot on Sunday and Give the range staff a hand, (Please)

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