Service Rifle 4 and Range Update

Results from todays shoot are available on the Results Page. Well done to those who risked the weather and had an entertaining shoot.

We are delighted to report that the piling contractor is on site and has successfully driven the test piles. The remaining piles for the foundations will be driven over the course of the next 10 days. Once the piling is completed the ground beam will be constructed.
We hope the lead contractor will be back on site shortly thereafter to continue with construction of the main fabric of the club house.


The next shoot is TR at 300 and 500 2×15. We are expecting a team from Bookham and possibly Chichester. Others are welcome provided they apply in advance so we have an idea of numbers. Although it is primarily a TR shoot others are welcome provided they stick to the course of fire. Muzzle breaks will be segregated to separate details.