Handicap Cup 26 October – Results posted

Tomorrows Shoot is in the Calender as a 2*7 at 300 & 500 but that seems a bit light for a day out when there a decent weather forecast.

To get a better day out of it we will make it 2*10 at 300 and 500 with the possibility of an extra 500 detail to make up the comp score out of 150. Tim Brooking will be organising the day so please remember to give him a hand with the Range officer duties and setting up/putting away.

This is an excellent opportunity to get some practice in for the Boar Trophy that is our main annual shoot and we have teams from other clubs invited.

This is principally a Target Rifle Competition (others are welcome) so lets see some support from the TR contingent in the club. Enjoy

The are now on the Results page