Scoped Rifle 1

Well we finished up and had a working party on the butts before the rain set in so that’s a definite plus.  We were shooting a 2*15 at 300 & 500 on 200 and 300 yard faces respectively. Given the significantly smaller targets (Particularly at 500) the scores were pretty good.

The targets didn’t play up so hopefully we have sorted out that problem so fingers crossed they behave for a while. Longer term we will need to do a complete overhaul of the butts area, target huts, and the target lifter frames before we invest in any new target kit but that’s for next year. We expect the main contractor to be back on site fairly soon to get on with the pavilion build so we are managing to move things forward.

A big thanks to all those who stayed behind and helped with the work on the targets and tidied up the butts area. It is much appreciated. Some photos below.



The results are on the relevant page and the top score was from a Mr No Name. A number of cards were handed in without a total on them (thanks) and the top score had no name on it either.  Being decent, (I could have eliminated the card and made myself first) by a process of elimination based on the number of cards and the range register the top shooter was Tom Jarman. Well done but put your name on it next time.