Service Rifle 5 23 November Update & Results

Congratulations to the hardy few who turned out for the shoot. Not many but enough to do two full details of the COF and to give us a decent albeit wet shoot.

Well shot Graham Cole who managed an excellent 114 shooting a SMLE Sniper (without the scope fitted) A lovely rifle and worth turning up for just to see it. If it were mine it would never come out in the wet!

Was it worth it? well yes better than sitting around at home despite the fact that it will take longer to dry the kit out than to shoot. My No 4 needed a complete strip to get all the water out of the crevices, still its an opportunity to give it a decent clean. I just hope I can remember where all the fiddly little screws went!

The whole range is waterlogged so lets hope it dries out in time for the Scoped Rifle shoot in two weeks time. Scores on the results page.