Dorking Christmas & 2015 Provisional Program

The results of the Christmas Shoot are on the relevant page and a good time was had by all. It seems that the targets have developed a further fault that is different to the ones we experienced earlier this year. We will endeavor to resolve these as soon as possible but it may lead to some shoot disruption so check the web site regularly for an update.

We have a provisional program for 2015 here:-

2015 Shooting Program

The shooting program is subject to change as required by circumstances.

A Shoot Record is available so you can keep track of your Firearm Use. We keep an attendance list but it is up to you to record which firearm you use as well. You are not obliged to do so but expect questions from the police if you don’t.

2015 Shooting Record

I am told that the Club house construction has started but I am not sure how far we have got. I will post a picture when I next visit the range.

Wishing you all the compliments of the season and see you at the Hero Shoot in January