Service Rifle 1 18 January 2015

Results are on the relevant page and some more photos of the club house going up are on the photos page along with a video of a large chap shooting the optional practice 5. The M 14 seemed to work ok.

So despite the dire forecasts we didn’t get any snow and although it was damp for most of the morning we didn’t get nearly as wet as last time. The results should show that the two fat blokes with the modern straight pull service rifles (L1A1 and M14) should have cleaned up and thrashed the WW2 Service Rifle shooters – we thought we had it in the bag. Hah!!

We didn’t figure on Connors shooting the club No 4  with Partizan Ammo – you know the gun that no one can shoot and the not particularly good partizan ammo. Trounced everyone with a score of 165 Admittedly this is out of 5 details not 4 but still excellent shooting and proving that the club No 4 is much better than we give it credit for. As ever the ‘nut behind the butt’ makes all the difference. Vince also shot well with a 152 who is a relative newcomer so all the traditional stuff about ammo and experience rather goes out the window. Aah well back to the drawing board.

Still never mind it was a good day overall and it looks like we will stick to 5 details in future time permitting and may well make the final detail unlimited shots in 1 minute so bring more ammo.

The next shoot is a practice but we don’t have any more information on the targets so we will advise the position closer to the time on this site.