Sundays shoot & Notices

Notices – The club house project is proceeding and the roof trusses are now on the building. All are reminded that the construction site is off-limits to all and no access is allowed.  Its part of the contract and health and safety so keep out.

AGM – Provisionally booked for Friday 27 February at the Dorking Christian Centre 8 pm

Sundays Shoot – It’s in the program as a practice at 300 and 500 but as you know the targets are playing up. It looks as if the damp has got into the electrics and this is disrupting the communication between the butts and firing points. We will be at the range early to see if some remedial work can be completed to make them useable in the short-term. If we get them working we will stick to the published shoot and if not then it may be manual targets at 300.

Longer term the targets themselves are over 10 years old and two of them are past it. We have ordered 4 new targets but these have to be built and shipped from Norway. We will be upgrading the connectors and other components as well. Essentially the target hut is damp and this does not suit the electrical connections.

So we will do what we can and be prepared to be flexible on the day.

Shooting Records – We have provided an updated shooting record for use this year. The format of the front page is the same but there is a new page 2 with space for you to add your firearm details in full and then on page 1 you add the number of the gun you are shooting.

All Shooting records should be on the new format if you want us to sign them.

If you want to use add the firearm details electronically the form is provided in word format as well as pdf – you can thenuse the page 2 in future years etc.

The new forms are on the program page and here as well:-

Dorking 2015 Shooting Record PDF

Dorking 2015 Shooting Record Word