Practice Shoot 1st February

Well that was chilly, especially for all those who turned out at 8am to help with the targets. We have traced problems to the communication between the targets and the firing point together with part of the mains supply. Luckily Sid was on site who is an electrical engineer so he deserved a big thank you from all of us for his assistance.

We got the targets running and this should be ok until the new ones arrive and we can set up the new targets and re wire the supplies with more up to date connectors.

After the investigations we got off to a later than normal start but the 29 members present has a decent and trouble free shoot thereafter.

And the club house?  Coming along nicely!

IMG_1151 IMG_1150

The next shoot is the match against Horsham AKA the Penguin.

303 at 300 and 7.62 at 300 or 500 – it may change on the day.

See you then