The Penguin Team Shoot & 303 Trophy

The targets worked and the sun shone! So that made it a good day for a shoot in February. To be fair the sun was a bit of a pain as it was right in your face at 500 yards, it made the targets difficult to see. Didn’t seem to slow some people down though and some impressive scores were submitted.

The Horsham Team won the Penguin again but this time it was not a total thrashing and there was only a 5 point difference between the two teams. Rob Bennett was the top shot with an overall score of 140.12 for one 303 shoot (300x) and two with a 7.62 (300x & 500x)

The 303 Trophy was won by Rob Bennett (Again) with an 81.5 but Mark Pescud got an 81.4 and Martin Woolger  an 80.4 so it was tight at the top.

Well shot to all who came along and enjoyed the day. Than ks to all those who helped out and lent a hand – it’s always welcome.

The club house is coming along and we hope to have this mostly finished towards the end of April. The next objectives are the restoration of the 600 yard firing point. A full program of work on the targets and repairs to the roof of the target shed.

McQueens Modern @ 300 yards next.