The Party (Work)

Probably the most successful day we have had on the range for a while. I can’t thank all of you who turned out enough. I lost count of the number of people who turned up and gave their time and considerable skills & effort to help us complete a number of fairly vital tasks.

I would like to thank you all individually but I lost count and was too busy (as we all were).

We managed to re-roof the target shed along with a tidy up and general repairs, start installing the lighting in the hut as well so we have some were lit and dry to fix the new targets when they arrive shortly. The Target hut, shed and 100 and 200 yard shelters all had a coat of preservative. We made the new manual targets for the Carbine Shoot in August and completed some very tricky re wiring of the electronic targets and tested them at all distances.
We made new McQueen and Fig 11 targets and numerous other small jobs.

Really we couldn’t have asked for more and a heartfelt thanks to all of you from me on behalf of the club. Really it restores ones faith in human nature.

The weather held off and we have to go back to the range tomorrow and do some shooting. Woe betide anyone who damages anything we have just fixed.

It’s the Classic McQueen at 200 yard competition but any scoped rifle can take part. We have no mains power so it will be manual only. There will not be a club gun or ammo available so do a deal with someone if you want to shoot.
The weather may well be awful!!

Thanks again to everyone

IMG_1202 IMG_1201 IMG_1199 IMG_1198

The club house continues to move forward