Service Rifle 3 Sunday 7 June 2015 (Updated)

The results for Sundays events (the final version that is) are now on the relevant page. Well shot Mark with a top score in the SRA section of 133. He was only two points ahead of Paul with 131 and several more scores close behind. A great shoot and the sunny weather made it a good day to be on the range. Lets face it a day on the range beats most things.

Aside from the pictures of the club house and some action video of one of the new M1 Garands in use I have to thank our resident electrical engineers (one medical and one aircraft) who spent the first part of the shoot re-wiring target 3 to resolve the issue we had at the last shoot. It seems that the previous shot damage caused the intermittent results.

So many thanks to Andy and Sid for fixing the targets. The club depends on volunteers to help keep things going.


Club House moved forward – More work on the 600 point and Huts – What huts?

P1000144 P1000143 P1000142 P1000141

One of the new M1Garands – Nice!

More M1 Action