Service Rifle 6/12 and Christmas Shoot 20/12

We have nearly made it to the end of another year! The weather has turned wintry so it’s a good job we have the club house to retreat to when the weather turns bad. However there is no chance to do much of that for the next two shoots as they are mostly ‘up the other end’

On 6 December we have the final Service Rifle shoot (No5) and the course of fire has been posted to the Course of Fire page. Read it and get ready. Bring your ammo (at least 52 rounds) and a bayonet. You should all by now know the drill for these events so come along and enjoy yourselves.

Then on the 20th we have the Christmas Shoot. There is an entry fee for this shoot and its a gift to the value of £5.00 wrapped and then everyone gets a prize at the end.

The course of fire will be in three stages. At least 34 rounds

Stage 1  – Service Rifle Snaps at 200 yards 10 rounds (Sitting)

Stage 2 – Santa McQueen at 200 yards 2 sighters and 10 rounds to count (Prone)

Stage 3  – Scoped Rifle 600 yards 2 sighters and 10 rounds to count (Prone)

This may well be the return of the Pairs so you need to pair up with a mate and the scores will be totalled for the two. The pairs will shoot at the same time so we will get through the numbers and not hang about too long in the cold and or wet weather. We should have the club .303 and AI available.

So you will need ammunition and a Service and Scoped rifle. I am sure you can share with a pal if you don’t have both. It’s about having some fun so don’t be shy and come along. If you want to donate some mince pies etc then all the better.