Service Rifle 5

Weather looked a bit dodgy first thing and improved once we got started. It was damp but not wet so given the time of year we got away with it (just).

An excellent turn out of 27 shooters and some excellent scores put in by most. Some seem to think that the target is the number on the front mantlet and managed to shower the butt crew with sand. I think the future penalty for that is to carry the replacement sand up the range!

There was an excellent winning score in the classic category put in by Andy Littler with his (brand new) M1 Garand scoring 179 Our leader followed closely second with 151. Clearly time in the southern hemisphere has agreed with his shooting.

The modern class was dominated by Matt Giles with a (highest score ever recorded in a SR comp at Dorking) of 221. I am generally on my own in the modern category but the competition busted me down to third place (at least I beat Bally and thats what counts).

See you at the Christmas Shoot on the 20th. Remember you will need a Service Rifle and a Scoped rifle. Entry is a wrapped gift to the value of £5.00. We may well shoot in pairs so be prepared to share etc. If you feel like contributing some Mince pies and / or sausage Rolls we can see if we can get the oven working and have them hot at 600. Sounds like a plan, see the last post for the course of fire.

Just another thing. I have added the Results for today’s shoot to the results page and after putting it off for a while I have sorted out the overall results for the last two years. These are on the page as well.

In short the results are the total of all the scores shot for the year

2014 Classic Winner-  G Porter 498          Modern  – M Ball  560

2015 Classic Winner C Christophi 670     Modern – G Porter 782

Well shot everyone and thanks for supporting the club.