Visitors and Guests

A reminder that guests are only permitted if the details are provided 48 hours in advance and the person holds a full FAC. The will have to complete and submit a form (below in Word and pdf)

Dorking Visitors Form 2016

Dorking Visitors Form 2016

Visitors who do not hold a FAC are not allowed to shoot unless the shoot is designated in advance as a guest day (see the Home Office Rules) and in the event of a shoot being declared a guest day then the details of those attending will have to be submitted a week in advance so we have time to inform the relevant authorities.

Dates – Provisional

Provisional for the AGM is 10 April after the shoot in the club house.

Surrey Cycle race is provisionally set for the 31 July so the range will be closed that day. I cant find any firm information on this as yet.