AGM Notice and Results

Firstly the scores from Sundays Scoped Rifle Shoot are now posted on the Results page. We decided to shoot both stages at 600 to take advantage of the club house with the possibilities of rain (I still got wet – but at least the majority of the kit was dry).


We have had to move the AGM to 22 May 2016 due to a number of date clashes with other shoots. Apologies for that. The shoot is on a Sunday after the Kirby Cup.

Our forthcoming challenges is the revised legislation relating to The Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

The Government guidance notes are available by following this link:-

We have been registered since about 2002 under CASC and this was done at the time when we received the large bequest. What the regulations boil down to as far as we are concerned is that over 50% of members have to be ‘participating’ and will have to turn up to the range about 7 or more times per year. If we have under 50% participating members then we are liable to Corporation tax on our investment income and full business rates.

This is not something cooked up by the committee and is Government Legislation. We don’t have any more details outside what is available on the link.

We will review the options in more detail at the AGM.