The Penguin Trophy Sunday 13 March


Results Posted, Well done Rob Bennett who was the top shot in the 303/TR Competition and also won the 303 Trophy. His Score was 95.5 overall with a 47.2 for the 303 stage.

The Team Shoot, the Penguin was won (for the first time in a while by Dorking! so Congratulations to the team of Tim, Frank and Guy.

Got to dash so will update the site for the next shoot in a day or two. We had a turn out of over 25 so lets keep the attendance up. The next shoot is the scoped rifle and on the 10th of April is the AGM after the Gallery Rifle Shoot.

We are having a slight change of the program for this shoot to make better use of the facilities and to make it a bit easier for the older Rifles.

The shoot has traditionally been 2×10 at 300 with a 303 and 2×10 @ 500 with a 7.62. The match is a TR shoot against Horsham Rifle Club. Most, if not all Horsham members are members of Dorking anyway so we just decide who shoots for who on the day.

The 303 stage has always been a little challenging as the rifles are getting on and the rifles tend to shoot a big group. So to make this a bit easier and to reflect the different target sizes we will shoot the 303 part of the shoot at 200 yards with the targets set for a 300 yard scoring size. The 200 modern V bull is too small to hit with a modern rifle let alone one over 70 years old.

The 500 yard firing point need a rebuild and this is scheduled for some time this year when we can get on the ground. As we have a nice point at 600 the target rifle stage will be at that distance and then if the weather is horrendous and / or cold we can use the club house.

Nothing has to be carried so far either so it seems to be a better fit all round.

The competition is for Target Rifles but Scoped rifles are welcomed provided they stick to the course of fire etc.

So that’s the plan – see you next Sunday.