Sunday 28 Arthur White Results

The results page has been updated with the scores for todays shoot. We had a strong turn out with over 30 shootings on the range. It proves that there is plenty of room for both the TR and scoped shooters to shoot the same course of fire side by side. We segregate muzzle brakes for obvious reasons so remember that for future shoots.

Will shot to Jonno Brooking who won the TR with 96.8 and to Alistair Springer with a 99.11. It was a chilly day and the wind was unreadable so well done to all.

The 500 yard point is going to be refurbished this year as it has sunk a bit at the front so we may shoot the penguin at 300 and 600.

The next shoot is the Penguin & 303 trophy so its 303 at 300 and a 7.62 at 600. Scoped and TR welcome so see you then.