Modern McQueens & and AGM Notice Update

Scores posted on the results page. Apologies to Bob S. who didn’t shoot a 50.1 but a 50.10 that is a completely different score. In my defense it was written on the score sheet as 51 so it wasn’t clear. Anyway a clear winner.

Well shot all, a great day to be on the range!

See you at the AGM



The Modern McQueens is on Sunday at 300 yards. We will not have the club gun or ammunition available due to the holders of such being committed elsewhere. The course of fire for the McQueens is available on the COF page.

The AGM will be held after the shoot on the 22 May at 1 pm. The notices have been emailed but are available here:-

160506 DDRC AGM Cover Letter

160506 DDRC AGM Agenda pdf