Gallery Rifle Shoot Sunday 6 November Upodate

Great day but a little chilly that cam as a bit of a surprise after the mild weather of late. Lots of different stuff on the point today from .22s to 577/450 Martinis and much in between. A very rare beast was on show. I never thought I would see a street legal one of these. For those of you who don’t know its a famous BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle that served the US army from 1917 to the 1970’s Firing from an open bolt it is an odd sensation to shoot but a great experience.

These Gallery Rifle  / Carbine shoots seem popular so we will try to shoehorn some into the program for next year.

img_1976 img_1975

The next shoot is the Rememberance Sunday Boar Hill Trophy – See you then.


The Gallery rifle shoot this weekend is not just for Gallery Rifles as you may find it an opportunity to use the day for zeroing other firearms so don’t feel excluded. These shoots are usually popular and are shot at 100 yards on manual targets.

The general idea is to shoot between 10 and 20 rounds and then the range is cleared and everyone goes and checks and patches their targets ready for the next lot. Our patches keep going missing so please don’t walk off with them. This will need the shooters to be prompt as it will hold the whole thing up if you are slow.

Dont Forget to bring a scope or binos to see how you are doing.

Next week is the annual TR Boar Hill shoot on remberance weekend.

Looking forward I have been thinking about the format of some of our Scoped Rifle shoots next year. We already have the McQueen Shoots and the others are simple TR with a scoped rifle so I think we should change the format of some of these as the current is a bit easy.

What I have in mind is to shoot the scoped rifles at Fig 11, Fig 12 and fig 14 targets at different distances. We use the Fig 14 (Huns head) at 300 yards already so how about fig 12 at 500 and Fig 11 at 600. We have some impressive rifles in the club so it might be nice to stretch them a bit. Anyway I have not figured out the format and organisation of this but if you are interested in this then let me know at some point and we will do some work to see if we can make it work.

The Gallery rifle was an experiment that seems to have been successful so I think we should try something different with scoped rifles.

Anyway that’s for next year – see you on Sunday.