Service Rifle 5 Sunday 27 November 2016

The course of Fire has been posted on the COF page. A further copy is here:-


It helps if you have read the course of fire and are ready for each stage. These shoots can get quite busy and if people are ready then it all moves along much faster and no one has to hang around for too long.  Yes you will have to take a turn in the butts and possibly more than one!

The club rifles have been inspected by Fulton’s for safety and Tim has given them a loving coat of oil. Please look after them if you borrow one.  We have ammunition and if you want to shoot the whole competition you will need to bring at least £40 to cover the 52 rounds you need.

If anyone wants to take some pictures of the event then I am happy to post them. I always have good intentions of taking photos but end up being too busy to take as many as I should. In general we try to avoid a clear picture of shooters faces – Security / DPA and all that!

So that’s all for now – see you next weekend. Pray for decent weather.