The Hero Shoot

For the hardy members went to the range today for the year opener Hero Shoot. So named for those who come along in the bad weather in previous years. Fortunately we had good weather for the time of year. We had quite a selection of guns on show from Black Powder Snider Carbines to the latest Nimrod and MARS rifles.

All Good fun


Once a long time ago I met two blokes on a range (Steynning) long since closed. One was a keen advocate of the L1A1 and from what I remember he was about the only one I who could ever shoot one decently.

If you want to know (many, many years later) how make an old man happy, put one in his hands again.

img_2063 img_2066

Happy Days.

For those who are wondering about your membership renewals these were all emailed out before Christmas so fill it in and return it to Chris the membership Secretary (now on the dark side as a happy owner of an AR15).

If you have lost the form then another copy is here:-


The next shoot is a further practice at 100 so bring your toys and get your rifles properly zeroed for the year.