The Penguin – Updated

This weekend sees our first comp of the year. It’s the annual match against Horsham Rifle Club and is so names as its often cold.

The shoot is 2 x 10 at 300 with a 303 and 2×10 at 600 with a 7.62. ITs a TR shoot but all are welcome providing you stick to the course of fire. Note we will get all the TR shooters on the first details and segregate the muzzle break shooters to their own details etc.

As the 303 rifles are getting a bit long in the tooth we would hope you are only going to bring along one in good condition that you can hit the target with. We cannot afford to have the equipment damaged.


The shoot went well with a good turn out – too busy to count and we welcomed a number of new faces. The actual match was The Penguin, was shot with 303’s at 300 and that is where the majority of points were lost (excluding Rob B who managed a 48.6 with a 100-year-old SMLE). Horsham won with a score of 344.30 against the home team with 336.14.  Scores on the Results page.

It is fair to say that all the Horsham members are also Dorking members so we could swap them about and change the results accordingly.

Anyway everything worked, it wasnt cold and we didn’t get wet so job done.

We have the AGM and work party coming up but there may be some changes in the program so keep an eye on the web site for announcements.

The next shoot is a scoped rifle one and we are going to try some different targets, Fig 14/12 & 11’s to make it a bit more challenging.  Having said we are going to change things I now have to work out what we will do exactly. IT will be a bit experimental so be prepared to be flexible and to also do the on/off the point and marker changes quickly so we don’t get held up too much.