Sunday 6 August Scoped Rifle 2 Update-Scores

Course of Fire added to the COF page. Read it and be prepared!!

The scoped rifle shoot is tomoprrow and I have created a course of fire to make it interesting. It will not be a spray and pray shoot and if you cant hold a decent zero at 300  you will not be allowed to continue. Fun though they are VZ 58’s are unlikely to qualify.

See you tomorrow.

170806 Scoped Rifle Shoot

Sunday Update

Scores added to the results page – well shot everyone. It seemed to go well but we need to work on the COF to make it run a bit quicker. It is still work in progress but it was fun all the same.

A couple of notices:-

We have ongoing security concerns and there seems to be all sorts of additional threats to us and our sport.

For security Reasons We have removed all the historic results. In future we will post the results with the names as First Name / last initial. Previously this was first initial Last name. We have resisted password protection on the site to date as everyone forgets them. We will see how we get on with the current set up.

The results historic results are available on request.

There was an incident where a member was called by someone purporting to be a police FEO. Beware of spoof calls / emails and ensure you are not being fooled.

If in doubt check.

Sunday’s Scoped Rifle shoot will be a further experimentation of the hand-held Fig 11/12/14 targets at various distances. Last time it seemed to work well so come along and we will see what we can arrange.  See you then.