Service Rifle 3 – Sunday 9 July 2017 – Updated

This weekend we are on Service Rifle again and the course of fire has been posted to the Course of Fire page. If this is difficult to find then there is a further link below:-

170709 SR 3 Course of Fire

I think I have got the details ok but I am sure someone will point out any errors! Anyway get your service rifles out, grab some ammo (don’t turn up with just 20 rounds) and enjoy yourselves.

Usual rules apply and I will see you then.


Hot and busy day – Scores added to the results page. Well done all.

Appeal – We have a work party coming up and as usual half our tools have disappeared. If you have any spare tools (we could do with a couple of hammers (ours walked) in good condition you would like to donate to the club we would be grateful.

There will be a work party on Sunday 10 September so please come along and help us sort some things out – it will help the club and shift some of those holiday pounds!

Bring a spade as there is a trench to dig! (loads of other fun things as well)