Modern McQueen Sunday 26 June

A great day and a strong turn out. The results are on the scores page. Some excellent shooting (and some where more practice may be needed) Kevin Webb managed a 50.10 as an opener, what a pity he missed the shoot off at lunchtime (only joking Kev).

There were 4 other scores of 50 but no more with so many ‘V’s.

It was nice to make it to the range myself after what seems like a long absence for a variety of reasons. Anyway a great day and thanks to those who helped out.

On a housekeeping note I have to ask all members to be careful with other people’s equipment. A rifle was knocked over and left with a boot scuff on the moderator.

Watch where you are walking!

Further please be careful when adding you kit to the Mule as stuff already in there gets crushed and can be damaged. We can do a further run in the Mule for kit if needs be.

See you next time for the Service Rifle.