Sunday 11 June Knight Cup/Gellibrand Shield Results Added

The web pages seem to have been a bit quiet of late, a combination of travel commitments and lack of things to say in general. We have all been ticking over and often ‘No news is good news’.

Anyway we have the Knight Cup/Gellibrand Shield on Sunday and this a TR Queens 2 being 2×10 at 3/5/6 so a good all round days shooting to be had.

All are welcome and the Range Officers will make sure that no rifles with a muzzle brake will be squadded at the same time as the TR shooters and these can be a bit anti social. We all manage to fit in with a bit of organisation and care.

I did get a flyer from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust who have organised a ‘Shoot Walk over the land adjacent to the range hosted by the estate and the local game keeper.  The details are in the pdf attached if you are interested.

Surrey shoot walk-revised 5 June

Shoot well tomorrow and I will endeavour to update the scored when I get them. If any of you have any reasonable pictures of the days activities I am always happy to post them.



Update – Scores added to the results page