Service Rifle Shoot 23 May 2021 Updated

UPDATE Scores on the Results page – well done all – Good fun, See you on the next one.

Is back to normal so the next shoot will be a Service Rifle on Sunday 23 May. We are taking a cautious approach to reopening more fully so please be sensible.

Its been a while since we have done one of these so just to remind you we will start at 09:30 with the first detail at 100 yards and take it from there. You will need around 52 rounds to include sighters and you will be expected to do your turn in the buts (maybe more than once) and we will be mixing on the range all at the same time.

The club house will be open at times for signing in but will be locked during the shoot as we will be at the other end of the range.

The course of fire is below:-

Please read the COF in advance and be at the range on time wilt all your kit in time for a 09:30 Start. It will take us a while to remember how it all works but I think most of us are looking forward to a change or pace. If there are any questions then contact me via the club address.

Please note the revised shooting program for the remainder of the year.

See you on Sunday