The Penguin Trophy 13 June – Updated

As part of our revised program we will be holding the Penguin Trophy that is historically a match against Horsham. Its usually held early in the year (hence the name, as its usually cold). Its a bit academic as most of the Horsham members are members of Dorking but we will work something out.

Im not sure if Horsham are going to put in a team (we might win) but we will hold it anyway.

The course of fire is 2 x 10 at 300 with a 303 and 2 x 10 at 600 with a 7.62 TR.

We will allow other rifles to take part so no one is excluded so come along in the spirit of the event those who wish to do the comp can do so and everyone else can shoot what they have and take part.


The scores are on the Results page. It was a hot day so those that turned out were grateful for a quick blast and home to the sunshine. This was nominally the Penguin Shoot and as Horsham didn’t put in a team we actually wont it!

I have to admit that digging out the target rifle after so long proved that I need to try harder! Still it was fun and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

The next shoot is the McQueen on the 27th so see you then