Barclay Cup 12 July – Update

Shot at 300 and 600 today due to an issue with the 500 electrical supply we had a busy day but conducted promptly and avoiding any rain – always a bonus.

Scores are on the results page. Both the TR and the scoped Rife were won with possibles so no problems with the standard of the shooting.

In all a very pleasant day.

The next shoot will be a 100 yard Gallery rifle so see you then.

I thought I would a comment on yesterdays shoot. I should have made it clearer in the range briefing so I will say in now in the hope that we remember for the next time.

When shooting a competition the comp card has to be shot first and if the COF is 2×10 (two Sighters and ten to count) then you shoot two sighters and then ten to count not unlimited practice shots until the rifle is zeroed and then 2×10. Also if you shoot on the wrong target then the score is 0 (you missed).

We all shoot under the broad NRA rules and the comps have to be fair. That’s why you mark each others targets and call out the score you are recording. Lets try to do better at the next one and I will try to make it clearer in the briefing.

There is no competition at the Gallery Shoot! so see you then.