Scoped Rifle 1 Sunday 8 August UPDATED

Update – Well, true to form the weather was pretty awful but unlike other times we have run this shoot we managed to get the COF completed and aside from the weather nothing went wrong. I think we are sort of there with the course of fire although the timings may be tweaked a bit.

The scores are on the results page and well shot Andy (no not you – the other one) for putting in a score of 197 out of 200. Given that all the stages were timed and it was windy at 600 this was good shooting.

I specifically set the timing to make it challenging and it even caught me out and at the end of the first stage I seem to still have 3 rounds unfired when the target disappeared. Anyway that’s the challenge.

Some of you may have noticed the next shoot being listed as a pre-booked one – this is a mistake (blame me). The next shoot is a 100 yard Gallery shoot.

See you then.

PS the committee did meet today after a long gap and I can report that the clubs finances are looking healthy and we have a greed a program of renewals and refurbishment so we continue to move things steadily forward on your behalf

Heads up – we will be running another Range Officers Course later this year, details to follow.