Service Rifle 1 Sunday 6 February – Update

This Sunday is the first Service Rifle comp of the year. I’m sure you all know how these run by now but if anyone is new we will guide you as required.

The details are on the web Course of Fire page and you can read up in advance and be ready on time. You will need at least 52 rounds.

See you then.


Well the day didn’t start well and I’m sure the heavy rain put a number of less hardy souls off. However those made of sterner stuff (only 10 of us) found that by 09:30 the rain had stopped so we were about to compete the full course of fire without any hanging around. So the moral of the story is that its always worth turning up – you never know!

Well shot all, some good scores (on the Results page) – Second again, must try harder.

See you next time for the Penguin.