Happy New Year – 2022

Happy New Year to all our members (especially those who have paid their subs for 2022!)

I have posted the program for the coming year on the Programme page so take a look and download copies as required. There is a shooting record as well and I strongly advise you to keep this up to date. You would be surprised how many people we see on the range who haven’t been for ages and think one visit will satisfy the use requirements – you have been warned.

We have planned a full program for the year but it will depend on the ongoing COVID issues and if there are restrictions we will work with the rules to keep shooting as much as we can, Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

We will need to do some work parties this year when the weather improves, I’m sure you can’t wait. Details to follow.

So with a positive outlook for the future, good luck for the coming year. Keep safe and come shooting. If not then why not?

The first 2022 shoot is the Hero event for those hardy enough to turn up.

All the best

DDRC Committee