Classic McQueens Sunday 17 April Update

Sundays Shoot is the Classic McQueens so its time to dust off the classic Sniper Rifles. Its at 200 yards but the targets are still on the small side!

The results (probably not available till Monday) will be separated between Classic and Modern rifles. Scoped rifles only as open sights are not really any use for this and you end up shredding the target frames.

So the course of fire is well known to all members and you are all welcome. The shoot can be time consuming so please be ready and do your turn (s) in the butts.

See you on Sunday


Scores are on the results page – Separated between Classics and Modern rifles. Well shot all. The shoot is harder than it looks and the target is very small and fleeting, Still its fun. I have added some pictures below and aside from the AI’s there was a single shot and a classic L42. See you at the next one that is a Gallery Rifle and the AGM