Tool Kit

As you probably know it takes a fair bit of effort to keep everything fixed and running on the range (stuff gets shot at!). When we remember we bring along the relevant tools to sort things out. The last McQueens shoot had all the targets created that morning. Luckily we had the wood to hand and I remembered to pack the tools.

This is a bit of a pain and we are going to invest in a tool kit for the club so we have some basic tools to hand. Before we spend any money I was wondering if any of the members had some tools they would like to donate to the cub?

We are after a basic tool kit with a box, some hammers, say and screwdrivers (screws) etc. We aren’t looking for a garage sale but if any of you have some duplicates and unwanted items then we would be grateful.

The next shoot is a Gallery Rifle and probably the AGM afterwards.