Scoped Rifle 2 Sunday 7 August & AGM – Update

Update – Scores are on the results page – well shot everyone. It was quite tricky and the times were tight on some stages, (as I found out) still if it was too easy it wouldn’t be interesting. Note – The results have been updated as I first posted the wrong file and then missed Mark V off. Apologies all It should be ok now.

The next shoot is a practice at 500 and 600. We may have to amend this to 300 and 600 as the undergrowth is a bit high making 500 a bit tricky at the moment. See you then.

Sundays shoot is Scoped Rifle 2. We will be at 300, 500 and 600 yards. The course of fire is on the COF page so have a look and be prepared. If there is time there may be the opportunity for some extra shooting at 600 once the schedule has completed.

We may have trouble at 500 seeing the targets (foliage growth) but we will see how it looks on the day.

See you on Sunday.

AGM Update – We held the AGM after the last shoot and it was completed without and issues. We have re-elected the current committee and its generally Business as Usual. The accounts are slightly in deficit as it costs a fair but to run things and the fees don’t really cover it. Unfortunately the fees are going up to £140 for non NRA members and £120 for NRA Members for the next renewal. Its still only about £6 per shoot so its still good value and we endeavor to keep costs as low as possible. I cant remember how long it is since we increased the prices and its a sign of the times.

We are always open to suggestions or questions from the members so if you wish to ask something or make a suggestion then feel free. Just remember that the club is run by volunteers.

See you on the range