Sunday 4th Gravett Cup and Sussex Autumn – Update


Scores on the results page. A select band attended the shoot including shooters from Sussex County RA. We managed a team shoot and being short on numbers we had Rob B in both teams (he is a member of both clubs) to make up the numbers. Dorking got 570.39 and Sussex 483.17 Well shot all.

The Scoped rifle was strongly contended with three scores of 150 and Neil B winning with 150.24.

Overall and excellent shoot with three distances shot and no wet weather. Lets hope it remains dry for the next shoot being a Gallery Rifle at 100.

Sundays shoot is 2 x 10 at 300 / 500 and 600 and is primarily a TR shoot with 5 guests from Sussex County RA coming along to shoot along side. So Dorking will need to put up a team if we can and see how we do. My TR shooting is not up to much these days so I could do with a hand!

As usual with these things the TR shooters will be on the first detail and then the others following on. It looks like the weather will be ok so we will get a good three distances in.

Dont forget no one is excluded and just because we are shooting TR all are welcome.

See you on Sunday