Classic McQueens 200x Sunday 16th Update

Update –

Busy day with 15 details x 4 shooters so lots of opportunities to chase the extremely small V Bull!. Some excellent scores in the Modern category with Dan getting a 50.6 . Its a difficult shoot and much harder than it looks.

The classic was won by Steve with a 46 so with an 80 year old gun then that’s good going as well. Geoff wanted everyone to know he got a better score than me so I am duty bound to report this! We were in different categories and his 31 with a new gun doesn’t actually beat my 36 with an older one so not quite this time! (I think he meant my rather disappointing 4).

Still it was a great day and it was fine weather and a good turn out.

The next one is a Gallery rifle followed by a committee meeting, not the AGM as advertised, that will be later in the year.

Sundays shoot is the Classic McQueens at 200 yards. Primarily this is for classic sniper rifles but all scoped rifles are welcome and there will be a separate class for modern rifles.

The V bull is extremely small for 200 but don’t let that put you off as you have to hit the figure 14 first!

So lets hope for decent weather and we will see you on Sunday.