Service Rifle 3 Sunday 14 May Update


Fine weather and no rain, spring is hear and the sound of the spring lambs was shattered by the third Service Rifle Shoot of this hears program. A select band turned out with two new visitors to the range, Peter and Sam (we have another Sam) so this could get confusing!

The scores are on the results page so well shot all, Classic was won by Mark with his trusty M1 carbine and a score of 209 x250. In the modern class Kevin managed an impressive 250 x 250. To be fair the athletics and rifle weight of the day meant that he shot it all prone with a bipod so the true score to win was 214 buy yours truly with a modern scoped CISCAR and a x10 scope. Only 5 more than an iron sighted 80 year old carbine. The field is wide open so whatever you shoot then come along and have a try.

The next shoot is a Gallery Rifle and there is NO work party after so no reason to hide away. – See you then.

Sundays shoot is Service Rifle so bring yourself and about 52 rounds to the range for the SR shoot. I’m sure you all know the drill by now with categories for Classic and modern.

The program is on the Course of Fire page and is dated 14/5 so please take a look at the right one, be ready for the stages so we can move the day along promptly.

See you on Sunday and we will probably have to move the work party that was scheduled for the next shoot to later in the year as we are waiting for some sand to be delivered.

See you Sunday