Sunday 2 February Practice Shoot

photo 2

Well as you can see a fine bunch of shooters turned out for a busy practice day. We had 31 in total so we must be doing something right!

The rain has fallen in torrents lately and more to come but the all weather track up the range avoided nearly all the mud and we have nearly forgotten how difficult it used to be just getting up the range. (Anyone want to go back to the old muddy field days? – No I thought not)

The weather has impeded some of the work on the range and we have a full program this year including repair to the Backstop (people keep Shooting it). The Target Hut Roof (getting very suspect) and some seating at 200 and 300 yards. It will have to dry out a bit.

There was something else – Oh I know – The contractors are available to start the Pavilion project from the third week in February so we may get some hut action this spring and it can then rain all it wants as we can retreat to the clubhouse for a cuppa etc. There’s something to look forward to.

And where did I disappear to in a hurry? – Altercation with a legal but non locking multi-tool rendered a large cut in the trigger finger requiring medical attention. Pity I was looking forward to a decent blast with the M41B and the AR15. Will have to wait till next time.

Bah Humbug!!

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