Shoot on Sunday 28 September

We have had some work done on the targets but are not entirely sure if the problems we have been experiencing have been fixed. We are therefore cancelling the scheduled competition and having a practice at 200 and POSSIBLY 300 yards. With potentially unreliable targets it isn’t reasonable to attempt a competition.

Those of you who were at the last shoot will know the drill, report to the RO any of the stray 1’s that happen (they go in the same places as opposed to simply bad shots), together with any sound sensor errors. We will build up a further report of any defects for consideration by the manufacturers (if needs be).

We may also break from shooting at some point and take apart one or two of the targets to see if we can find anything inside that is amiss.

So it’s not a free for all practice and we would like some help in monitoring the problems so we can correct them and get back to normal.

Please therefore  bring something accurate as we need to make sure the flyers are obvious.

Hopefully we can fix the problem or at least get a better understanding of it so please be prepared to be flexible.