We have found out a bit more about the target problem as two volunteers kindly spent most of this afternoon takeing target 4 apart. The long and the short of it is that the void where the sound sensors sit contained a large amount of debris that has to be cleared.

Hopefully this will now work better / reliably so it is fairly clear that we need to do this to the other targets. This takes several people and can’t be done with shooting in progress so as a result there will be more work party on Sunday than shooting.

It is vital to have the targets working properly so I hope you will be understanding and come along and help. We will need the whole target / butts area tidying up while the targets are dismantled and repaired.

We will do some testing first then see what we can do in the way of repairs so we can all get reliable use in the longer term.

You may want to bring a few tools with you as well as a gun.