Rang Update & Scoped Rifle Shoot

Firstly a big thank you to all those who turned out to help with the targets today. We got the problem sorted by 9am and started at the normal time. It seems the rubber was a bit loose so we retensioned that and it all seemed fine. No odd shots and no sound sensor errors.

We have more to do on the targets and once the club house is sorted then the whole target hut needs rebuilding, the target lifters replaced and the targets overhauled. It is the intention to have some spare targets so we can have one or two being serviced. Still that’s a way off in the future. The good news is that is all worked and we shot as normal.

The scope on the club AE has been replaced and is now zeroed. The new 6-24 side focus Sightron has an excellent reticule and is a pleasure to shoot. It has given the rifle a new lease of life and I am sure it will be a popular choice for the forthcoming scoped rifle shoot.

The next shoot is the scoped rifle shoot and will be 2*15 at 300 and 500 yards on 200 & 300 targets respectively.

We have further good news on the hut rebuild. The footings are now in and we should be able to get the build going fairly soon.


There is always someone who can’t resist wet concrete!


Fingers corssed it all goes smoothly next time