Service Rifle 2 Updated

A damp morning but not nearly as bad as it could have been so a reasonable turn out given the conditions and the clocks changing. We have stuck with the 5 detail format as this seems to be popular. Some different courses of fire were added to keep shooters on their toes and remind them to count!

We have to congratulate Connor (again) who proves his previous performance with the club gun and Partizan ammo was not a fluke so, well shot. It confirms that the shooter makes the difference.

We have the results on the results page and the pictures page has been updated with the latest of the club house. It is well on the way to being finished with the windows being in so we are well on the way to completion hopefully in May.

See you for the Scoped Rifle next time and to leave with some more wobbly video of two very different straight pull rifles.

We have a problem caused in part by the weather – the need to keep the score sheet dry, – some inaccurate record keeping by the range officers (yada yada yada). I have to issue an apology to Vincent Guy who noticed once the results were posted that he had only been given a score of 2 for Practice 4. Now Paul U had a jam on that detail and he re-shot. The score of 2 was radioed back and made its way to the score sheet in the wrong box. Vince is a good shot and that detail being at 100 yards was relatively easy so we don’t have an accurate score for Vince.

If you take his average for the day then it would be a score of 23 for that detail and he probably scored more than that so he is probably the winner. I can’t change the actual scores as I would be making it up so in future (and this may cause  embarrassment to some) the RO will call out the scores when they come back so we can handle any protests at the time and save this happening again.

So apologies to all (especially to Vince) we will try to do better next time.