Grand Pavillion Opening with Free Wine and BBQ Saturday 25 April (AKA Work Party)

Well not really but it got your attention – the event is in fact a work party.

This is an appeal to all club members who want to ‘put something back’ and assist with the maintenance of the club. Yes its work party time! We have a number of jobs that need doing and it is not worth employing a contractor when we have so many willing members who are keen to assist (!)

George, Frank and Tim are coordinating repairs to the Target Store Roof. Whilst the roof is in poor condition the remainder of the structure has some life left in it so we are going to replace the roof and rig up some basic lighting. If there is time then the application of some sort of preservative would help its long-term prospects as well.

We will be conducting some tests on the wiring of the targets to iron out any glitches prior to the arrival of the new targets (and another reason to improve the target store).

Along-side these two key tasks we have the following to attend to:-

Repair the current hand-held targets where necessary
Design and construct the new manual targets for the forthcoming 100 yard carbine shoot.
Apply wood preservative or similar to the range benches and tables
Cut back some vegetation from around the butts area
Dig out a small trench at the back of the Targets to reduce the amount of water draining into the butts
A general tidy up of the butts area.

There are tools on site but if you have your own then this will help. We will need members who volunteer to do some painting to have a suitable brush or two as we can’t predict how many we will need and a suitable receptacle for the creosote etc.

Some items mentioned on the list are
Spade, Shovel, Saw, Loppers (Short and long handle), Broom (to lean on!) paint kettle or homemade similar container, paint brushes.

Above all willing hands aplenty.
If you could help please let us know and what you would like to specialise in. The more help we have then the better the result will be and the earlier we will finish. We do have a limit on vehicles parked on the range itself but providing it is dry enough we should be able to shuttle heavier kit up the range as required in a vehicle.

Thanks in advance