Scoped Rifle Shoot


With the movement of all the gear from the 600 yard hut to the clubhouse and the 200 hut or Butts it took us a while to find all the bits we needed to get going so apologies for the  late start. We will probably have the odd delay as the club house moves towards its conclusion. There are some more pictures on the Pictures page showing the interior that is now plastered and ready for the electrical fittings and plumbing etc.  The roof is on and the cladding and doors should be fitted soon.

Anyway the shooting was a bit breezy and a number of us had flyers at 500. Still if you are young and keen like a certain Alistair Springer who managed a 148.21 it wasnt a problem – so well shot.

Sunny and peaceful day with no drama – what more could we want.

Results are on the page, pictures are on that page so help yourself. Any mistakes in the results are mine but I am a bit pressed today!

The next shoot is Classic McQueen. don’t forget the work party on the day before. More details will be posted here closer the time (see also the previous post.)