Kirby Cup and Shoot Date Changes

Kirby Cup scores are on the results page. The day was dominated by the younger members with Jonno getting 97.8 in the TR and Alistair 100.18 in the scoped. That left a couple of dads proud but wondering if making the kids pay for their own ammo may slow the down a bit. Anyway well done to all.

The club house is nearly ready. The floor will be done in a week or so and then the remainder of the outside landscaping and completion of the 600 yard point and we are good to go.

There are some program changes as the Water aid Cycle race is on 2 August  so the range will be closed that day and the shoot cancelled.We will also be cancelling the McQueen shoot on 16 August as well due to some technical reasons.

We have been looking forward to trying out the new Gallery targets so this shoot will be held the following week on Sunday 9 August.

I realise that changing shoot dates is never popular but we will replace the McQueen with the Gallery and hold this on the 9th. The range will be closed on the other dates.