Carbine Shoot 9th August

This is a new shoot in the calendar and I don’t have any clear idea of the level of interest it will generate. This is how its planned to go on the day (So Far).

We have new manual targets for this (NRA PL7 targets) and the holder will take 2 targets so we can shoot 8 at a time if there is demand.

We will shoot at 100 yards. Shooters will shoot up to 20 rounds in a string to make sure they are ‘on’ and then they will go forward and patch out / replace the target if necessary. The next lot will then have a go. We should be able to get a decent amount of shooting in using that method.  If we have demand we can run some sort of mini competition on the day but it’s up to you!

The firearms recommended are .22 rifles and pistol caliber carbines and the like. I am trying to avoid full size rifles but if that’s all you have and want an opportunity to shoot at 100 yards then bring it along and have a go. I am thinking of the Nagant Carbines and AK types that seem to be challenged at 200 yards.

One thing to note is that you will need to bring a spotting scope or binoculars as it may be difficult to see the fall of shot.

It may be difficult to fit a breach flag to some rifles but I expect the usual high standard to care and safety to be taken so there is no chance of an ‘Incident’.

Whilst I expect there to be some who take a few rounds to get on I would hope that we don’t shred the new target holders / Numbers / shed and anyone who is not up to a reasonable standard may be asked to repair their damage!

So that’s the proposal. See you next weekend.